Coffee Fundraising

Have you or your group ever participated in a fundraiser that just didn't seem to work out? 

Taking a couple of minutes to figure out why it didn't work out like you'd planned can reveal some important details.  Don't worry, we've already done that legwork for you.


Selling a product that most people hadn't thought about or need.

  • This leads to a few people buying some of what you're selling simply to be a good person and help, but fails to create a real passion for the product.
  • This also makes it really hard for the team/club members trying to sell that fundraising product when they know customers aren't excited about it.

Can you get excited about selling a product that you already know will be a tough sell?

Selling a product with a low profit margin.

  • Selling is already hard.   Then you have the added pressure of needing to sell A LOT of product in order to make a couple dollars for your organization and the motivation level starts to drop.
  • Combine this with a product that your customers were already on the fence about and you've got a recipe for a lot of wasted effort.

Can you get excited about selling a product that's a tough sell and, if you do get that lucky sale, will only net your organization $0.50 to $1.00?

Selling a food product without any samples.

  • How often do you buy something at the grocery store that you can't see, can't smell, and have to wait for? 
  • You may not be able to sample the product because it's a frozen food item.  How fun are those to store and distribute?

Can you or your customers get excited about something that you're simply TOLD is high quality?

The above mentioned issues can completely derail a fundraising effort and leave you and your organization like you've spent a lot of time and effort on a solution that didn't work out and may have ultimately cost you money.  


The ability to sample the product.

  • This will allow you to understand what your customers are getting AND, at the point of the sale, allow you to get your customers excited about their purchase/donation.

It will be a product that your customers regularly use.

  • How often do your customers eat a frozen pot pie or candy bars?  Not very often, which puts purchasing those items in the "I'll do this to just to help them out" category. 
  • Fundraising with a product that the customer regularly uses helps to lower the switching cost and increases the likelihood of a purchase, not just because they want to help you out but, because they ACTUALLY WANT what you're selling.

A product that is equally as likely to be purchased by companies as it is to be purchased by individuals.

  • No company is going to buy a frozen pot pie.  If they do, then it's the individual doing it to help you out and they'll only purchase one.
  • By selling a product that companies also use, you're significantly increasing your chances of high volume sales and infinitely expand your potential customer base.

and most importantly....

A profit margin that will actually help your organization.

  • It eases the mind knowing that each sale will help in a tangible way.  
  • It excites the individual sellers to know that a little extra effort can pay off in a significant way.
  • It excites the customers to know that they're not only getting a product they want, but making a significant impact for your organization.


How would you like a fundraising campaign that is simple and seamless for both your organization and your customers, produces results, and is a product that your customers not only want but can get excited about?

The solution is COFFEE!

Partner with Roasted Joe Coffee Co. to use 100% Organic, Fair Trade Certified Coffee to fulfill your fundraising requirements.

3 (of many) reasons that 100% Organic, Fair Trade Certified Coffee is the right choice for you:

  1. It can be sold to individuals AND organizations.
    • Go into any small business and they most likely have a coffee pot brewing in their break room.
    • Go into any home (with permission) and you'll see a coffee pot brewing in the kitchen.
    • EVERYONE loves coffee!
  2. You can sample the product before you sell it.
    • When you've sampled a product, you're in a better position to describe it's benefits which, in turn, allows you to make a better connection with the customer.
  3. You keep $6 per bag sold PLUS BONUSES for reaching certain sales goals.
    • Combine a $6 per bag net profit with the ability to sell the product to virtually anyone and you've got a recipe for a FANTASTIC FUNDRAISER.

Make this fundraiser the one that creates large profits for your organization
AND gets your customers asking for more!

Get your FREE SAMPLES by giving us a call today at 612-940-4009.


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